Welcome to the Netherlands Your Excellencies!

Seven newly accredited Ambassadors to the Kingdom of the Netherlands were greeted at Diplomat Club Wassenaar:

Apostolic Nuncio: H.E. Mgr. Aldo Cavalli;  Ambassador of the Republic of India: H.E. Mr. J.S. Mukul; Ambassador of the Republic of Latvia: H.E. Ms. Ilze Rüse;  Ambassador of the Slovak Republic: H.E. Roman Bužek;  Ambassador of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka: H.E. Adam Maznavee Jaufer Sadiq; Ambassador of the Russian Federation: H.E.  Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin; Ambassador of the United Republic of Tanzania: H.E. Irene Florence Mkwawa Kasyanju.

On 20 November 2015 Mrs. Shida Bliek, founder of Diplomat Club Wassenaaar, presented each Ambassador with a symbolic Dutch decoration and in his speech Mayor Jan Hoekema expressed the hope that the newly appointed ambassadors would be able to take time from their busy schedules to enjoy the culture, countryside and cuisine of the Netherlands.  He also wished them success in their professional duties and trusted they would enjoy their stay in this country. They were then whisked away to receive their welcome certificates and pose for a group photo, but returned in time to join the superb buffet dinner and the excellent Georgian wines so generously provided by the Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. Konstantine Surguladze.

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CV Ambassadors

H.E. J.S. Mukul, H.E. Alexander Shulgin, Mgr. Aldo Cavalli, Mayor Jan Hoekema, Shida Bliek, H.E. Adam Sadiq, H.E. Ilse Ruse, H.E. Roman Buzek

From left to right: H.E. Irene Florence Mkwawa Kasyanju, H.E. Mr. J.S. Mukul, H.E  Adam M.J. Sadiq, H.E. Roman Bužek, H.E. Mgr. Aldo Cavalli, H.E. Ilse Rüse, H.E Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin

1782 jpg Ambassador of Russia, H.E.  Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin, Mayor Jan Hoekema, Patron Diplomat Club Wassenaar

1783.jpg H.E. Ms. Ilze Rüse,  Mrs. Livia Bužek, H.E. Roman Bužek

1784.jpg Ambassador of India, H.E. Mr. J.S. Mukul. Mrs. M. Mukul, Shida Bliek

1785.jpg Ambassador of Ghana, H.E. Dr. Joe Aidoo

1792.jpg Ambassador of Russia, H.E.  Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin, Shida Bliek

1796.jpg Ambassador of Russia, Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin, Ambassador of Sri Lanka, Adam M.J. Sadiq, Ambassador of Tanzania, Irene Florence Mkwawa Kasyanju, Pamela

1798.jpg Peter Bliek, Mrs. Wenci Li, Ambassador of China, H.E. Chen Xu

1799.jpg First Dutch, Bastiaan van der Knaap, Ambassador of South Korea, Mr Jonghyun Choe, Ambassador of India, Mr. J.S. Mukul

1800.jpg Alexander Beelaerts van Blokland


1859.jpg Diplomat Club Wassenaar, The Netherlands, 20 November 2015

1845.jpg Ralf Meppelder, Director Kasteel De Wittenburg


1822.jpg Mayor Hoekema, Diplommat Club Wassenaar

1834.jpg  Apostolic Nuncio_ H.E. Mgr. Aldo Cavalli, Ambassador of Russia,H.E.  Alexander Vasilievich Shulgin, Nadia van Gaalen-Toppenberg, Diplomat Club Wassenaar

1821.jpg Mayor Jan Hoekema, Patron Diplomat Club Wassenaar

1816.jpg Elizabeth van der Wind-Hamill


1812.jpg Chairman TenRande Foundation, Peter Bliek, Ambassador Thorax Foundation, Lisette Goedvolk

1811.jpg Batiaan van der Knaap, Inge van der Knaap, Peter Goedvolk

1809.jpg Apostolic Nuncio_ H.E. Mgr. Aldo Cavalli Ambassador of Guatemala, Mr Gabriel Edgardo Aguilera Peralta

1807.jpg Ambassador of Ghana, Dr. Joe Aidoo


1805.jpg Ambassador of Georgia, Mr. Konstantine Surguladze


1871.jpg Ambassador of Belgium, Chris Hoornaert


1879.jpg Ambassador of Spain, H.E. Fernando Arias, Ambassador of China, Chen Xu

1885.jpg Diplomat Club Wassenaar Shida Bliek, Welcome Ambassadors!

1887.jpg Chefs Kasteel De Wittenburg, Diplomat Club Wassenaar



1920.jpg Royal Conservatory The Hague, Mr. Shin Sihan

1930.jpg Shin Sihan, Royal conservatory The Hague, Diplomat Club Wassenaar

1929.jpg Diplomat Club Wassenaar, Shin Sihan

1931.jpg Royal Conservatory The Hague, Shin Sihan, Anne Brakman

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