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20 November 2014.

We are excited to present Diplomat Affairs Magazine – In touch with the Dutch, a publication which reports about how the Diplomatic and Expat Community is being in touch with the Dutch community, business and the world of charity. In other words, we report how they are in touch with the Dutch in a wide variety of ways. Although we will not write about political developments, we will, from time to time, touch on subjects of current interest.
In addition to covering exciting events, we will regularly have interviews with diplomats, international business people, artists and other interesting people.
Art and music are also favorite subjects, as they connect us all no matter what beliefs or origin we have.

Diplomat Affairs Magazine is grateful for the cooperation of Ambassadors and their Embassies, as well as other dignitaries. We hope we will have the continued support of the diplomatic, international and business community, which will provide us with interesting content for future issues.
It is also worth mentioning that Diplomat Affairs is closely affiliated with ‘Diplomat Club Wassenaar,’ (Mrs. Shida Bliek is Founder and President) which is located in the Castle the Wittenburg in Wassenaar and all Ambassadors are honorary members of the Club. We would like our members to experience this club as ‘a home away from home’.
Together with the Mayor of Wassenaar and the Dutch society, we welcome newly arrived Ambassadors to The Netherlands, having offered their credentials to His Majesty the King of The Netherlands. This is a Club tradition, held twice a year that we delight in.

The charity that Diplomat Affairs Magazine and Diplomat Club Wassenaar supports is:
research of heart and vascular disorders by MC Thorax Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages also supported by Ambassadors for Austria Association.

Publisher: Shida Bliek

Senior Editor: Julie Kennedy

Staff Photographer: Anton van der Riet

Contributors: Bonnie Klap, Alexander Beelaerts van Blokland, Nadia van Gaalen-Toppenberg, Eva Mennes, Kris Schiermeier, Jan de Vries

Diplomat Affairs Magazine – Diplomat Club Wassenaar
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Postbus 33,
2240 AA  Wassenaar

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