Strengthening of Argentinian – Dutch bilateral ties aboard Frigate A.R.A Libertad

Strengthening of Argentinian – Dutch bilateral ties aboard Frigate A.R.A Libertad on the occasion of 200 years of Argentine independence

In the context of the 200th Birthday of Argentine Independence, the superb marine Frigate and
Sailer A.R.A. “Libertad”, on its 45th training trip for the marine officers of the Naval Military School, made a majestic entrance in the harbour of Amsterdam in July. Its 196 day trip, takes it to Brazil, USA, France, Ireland, UK, Spain, Greece and Uruguay conveying a message of Peace and Friendship in the name of the Argentinian people around the world.

The Frigate is the largest of its kind, weighing in at 3765 tons with a mast height of 52,88m and even won a world speed record in 1996 before being converted.
Captain Ignacio Martin Errecaborde steers a crew composed of marine officers and representatives of the navies of Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The presence of the ship and the crew enables a strengthening of the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Argentina. This follows up on the large number of official visits having taken place between the two countries since the newly elected president Mr Mauricio Macri met with Queen Maxima and Minister President Mr Rutte in Davos during the World Economic Forum in January 2016.
Diplomats, Dignitaries, Business people and friends of Argentina enjoyed a superb reception aboard the magnificent three Master, hosted by H.E. Mr Horacio H. Salvador and Captain Ignacio Martin Errecaborde on the 200th birthday precisely. A unique blend of the spirit of adventure, the yearn of travel, enhanced by the strong winds, steep stairs, ropes and sails and the vibrancy of the vessel itself; yet at the same time so elegant and refined with the dashing men in uniform, the impeccable catering and the paintings along the canvas.
Amongst the dignitaries was Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme, representing his company Insid, instigator of the Energy Agreement whereby 40 parties committed to more sustainable energy. The Netherlands being very much to the fore of such a way of thinking producing for example energy from rubbish.

Renewable energies are very much on the agenda.
As we go to Press, The “Argentina Business & Investment Forum” is about to open (September 2016) in Buenos Aires, marking Argentina’s return to international markets and laying out the government’s strategies to invigorate key economic areas, empower the private sector and stimulate inclusive, long-term growth.

Also this September Dutch Minister of Agriculture Mr Martijn van Dam is setting out on a Trade Mission to Buenos Aires and the port city of Rosario.
In the words of the Minister: “It is a pleasure to lead such a broad delegation on agriculture, water, logistics and other sectors to Argentina. This delegation is a beginning of further steps to broaden our bilateral relations and to share our knowledge and innovations and I hope this delegation will enlarge and improve the collaboration between Dutch and Argentinian companies and intensify the bilateral relations.”

Words by Ambassador Horacio Salvador
´Argentina acknowledges the importance of the Netherlands as one of its most significant partners in the XXIst century.
My country is engaged in promoting trade and investment with the whole world as demonstrated by the “Argentina Business and Investment Forum”, a huge global event held in Buenos Aires in mid- September to bring together 1,600 investors and government and business leaders, and representing a wide range of sectors.
In this context the business mission led by Minister van Dam is all the more welcome since it stresses the close ties between our two countries. Trust and better knowledge of each other are the keys to exploring the new opportunities that Argentina has to offer, on a mutually beneficial basis.´

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