Celebrating National Day of Aruba: Strengthening International Relations and Economic Outlook

The Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba, H.E. Mr. J.E. Ady Thijsen hosted a reception March 20th, 2024, at Kasteel De Wittenburg in Wassenaar on the occasion of the National Day of Aruba, Dia di Himno y Bandera.
Many distinguished guests, amongst whom the Mayor of the Hague: Mr. Jan van Zanen, Ambassadors, members of the business community and friends of Aruba gathered on this glorious spring day to celebrate this special event. H.E. Mr. Ady Thijsen extended his heartfelt gratitude to all the guests for joining the reception:
“Tonight, we reflect on the celebration of our National Day. A day to be proud of. A Day to look back on and certainly to look forward to”.  His Excellency extended a particular welcome to “our” Minister of Economic Affairs, Communication and Sustainable Development: Mr. Geoffrey Wever who went on later to give a presentation on the economic prospects of Aruba and the investment opportunities there.

In his speech, H.E. Mr. Ady Thijsen passionately highlighted the significant developments in Aruba’s diplomatic and economic spheres and emphasized the importance of fortifying ties with the Netherlands, the European Union, and international partners in order to advance Aruba’s autonomy and economic prosperity.

The Historical Perspective: Aruba’s journey towards autonomy within the Kingdom, marked by the Status Aparte granted in 1986, which underscores the nation’s quest for direct ties with the Netherlands and enhanced visibility on regional and international platforms.
The Policy Vision: The government’s policy framework built on pillars such as nurturing relations within the Binnenhof, fostering collaborations with municipalities, provinces, colleges, and embassies, and strengthening engagement with the European Union to unlock economic opportunities.
The European Union Engagement: Aruba’s active participation in EU forums, including the recent presidency of the ministerial conference and forthcoming hosting of the conference in 2025, which underscores its commitment to leveraging European partnerships for economic growth and development.

Economic Resilience: Despite challenges, Aruba has demonstrated robust economic growth, fiscal stability, and a resilient tourism sector, positioning itself as the only country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands with a fiscal surplus for consecutive years.
Future Prospects: The government’s focus lies on translating macroeconomic progress into tangible improvements in citizens’ lives, diversifying the economy through strategic initiatives, and encouraging the return of young professionals to sustain long-term growth. 

His speech accentuated Aruba’s commitment to strengthening international relations, fostering economic resilience, and advancing its autonomy within the Kingdom. His Excellency sees strategic partnerships and sustained efforts as the gateways for Aruba to secure a prosperous future for its citizens and enhance its global standing.

H.E. Mr. Ady Thijsen concluded: “Excellencies, dear friends, Aruba is very grateful for your support. Being here with us is a sign of connection and friendship. Also, that you all have a warm heart for Aruba. 
I want to end my speech with two quotes: First of all, a quote that I also used last year, but still believe in from Scott Heiferman. “If you can connect people, you can create the future.”
My second quote is from actor Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I think one thing that is extremely important is to connect with people in order to be successful and bring the people in so that they become your partners.”
I would like to invite you to raise a glass to Aruba and toast to a better future for our Dushi Aruba.
Thank you very much for your attention and Biba Aruba and God bless you!”

All these achievements, initiatives and future aspirations created a wonderful sense of unity and vibrant optimism, combined with the wonderfully warm hospitality, the cheerful beats of the Caribbean band and the special “goodie bag” with delicious papaya sauce, reinforced indeed the perception of Aruba as “one Happy Island”!

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